New Suzuki Swift 2018 Review | New Suzuki Swift 2018 Test Drive


Well today I am driving a very special car because any car that made by Maruti Suzuki every once it’s open takes notice because one out of every two cars sold in India has a Maruti Suzuki badge on it but the car and driving is not just any old Maruti this is the third generation Swift that’s due to heat are shows in 2018 around the time of the auto expo in February so let’s take a look and see what India’s most loved hatchback is really like the difference between the first and second generation Swift that really wasn’t much but now with this 3rd Generation it really looks completely different.

I think the talking. Really is the nose with the really big gril and these pointy headlights which have what all cars now come with which is daylight running lamps and projector lamps as well so clearly this now stand out from the crowd it doesn’t look like the script of the past it still looks like a really is got a lot of new modern design elements really characterizes its two box profile this is a very distinctly 2 Box gives a fantastic proposal identity which is a Greenhouse the papers to watch the real and for the first time what does Suzuki has done is given the door handle in the Sea trailer.

I think that’s impossible it does look different that’s actually start checking out the real well there’s definitely a lot more wheelbase of the swift is bigger than the big surprise it its 25% bigger than before the fancy pillow blocks out light and doesn’t make the cabin feel as big as it is the driver seat is the place to be in the new Swift because the front seats are very comfortable just like them in the past two generations of this car there is a lot of Under thigh support it good seibolds doing this time as well.

As a feeling of sadness in here you really feel like your in control not like before lots of dark plastic this is not a very hairy cabin as you said before but lot of interesting touches I like these Rotary does over here they have a nice feel to add USB port and Unlike the Baleno where is really far in this one is lot more accessible but again it’s not backlit like they have in the Hyundai and again.

If there’s one thing to fall over here there is a lot of cross cutting V carried over the switch gear now for the third generation yes all three Swift second the same set of Window winder cluster now this is how Suzuki saves money this is how they really safe cost that is ok but I have to say Hola I think it what is analogue looking does a really well made it retro look to them Chunky Steering Wheel feels good to hold you up I am good to go now.

The New swift is based on the believers lightweight hot take platform and what that means is that the new Swift this piping bigger is much lighter than before was carried over from the old Swift is the K Series 1.2 petrol motor which we know so well it snowed last period.

But like before like that mid range 5 and you have to use the gas to get the most out of it Northern driving is a European version it’s calibrator for Euro so there’s a slight stiffness in the suspension and you can feel it on the odd and even pattern driving on but for sure is that for India the suspension will be completely re calibrated it’s disappointing is the steering wheel of the old car and isn’t it go to that into corners sadly.

This is not the driver’s car the oldest records forget it is the new Swift is bigger drive better and it’s a lot more space a lot more login spaces when the new Swift feels a lot more grown up and the style into is Burger and more distinctive no doubt this will be a Nobel winner from Maruti it’s just that the character of the previous car is missing.